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Quality Services for Dashing Results


Eyebrow tint                               £9.00
Eyelash tint                                   £13.50 
Eyebrow and Eyelash tint            £19.00 
Eyebrow tint and wax                  £15.50


Indivial lashes applied ot the natural lash. Any length can be added to give a natural or dramitic look.

Infills from £30

Patch test required before treatment


A small set of lashes applied to a single natural lash. These thin lashes grouped together can allow a fuller looking result.

Infills from £33.00

From $15

Please note that I WILL NOT infill other Lash techs work. Not only do we use different brands of lashes, I may not stock the width, size or shape of the lashes you currently have on. Online bookings will be immediately cancelled and we ask that you call the salon or pop in to discuss options. The Beauty Lady aims to provide the perfect set and this may not be achievable when infilling others work.
Patch test must be performed 48-24hours prior to treatment. If you have been before but not had lashes within 6 months we ask to come for another patch test just to be on the safe side,

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